Amy MacDougall Barone
Amy Barone ELR
Full Name Amy MacDougall Barone
Actor/Actress Monica Horan
First Appearance Season 1 Episode 14
"Who's Handsome?"
Number of episodes 66
Relatives Husband - Robert Barone
Father - Henry MacDougall
Mother - Pat MacDougall
Brother - Peter MacDougall
Brother In-Law - Ray Barone, Sister In-Law - Debra Barone, Father-In-Law - Frank Barone, Mother-In-Law - Marie Barone

Amy MacDougall Barone, or Amy Barone, is the former off-on-again girlfriend who becomes the new wife of Robert during the seventh season of Everybody Loves Raymond. She is the daughter of Hank and Pat MacDougall and younger sister to Peter MacDougall. She is also the younger sister-in-law of Ray and Debra, daughter-in-law to Frank and Marie, and aunt to Ally, Michael, and Geoffrey. The part of Amy is played in the series by actress Monica Horan.


Amy was born and raised in Pennsylvania by her religious parents, Hank and Pat MacDougall. She is also known to have a comic obsessed brother named Peter who never moved out of his parents house. Her relationship with Peter somewhat mirrors Robert and Ray's relationship, being like Ray, she was favored by her parents. The religious nature of her parents seems to have had an effect on her, because despite the fact that she was over thirty when dating Robert, she had never had sex before. It was a secret that would eventually be known to the entire Barone family much to her own dismay.


She is also very sensitive, crying over minor upsets, apologizing when she did nothing wrong, and confessing that she wanted to be close to everybody in the Barone family. Robert would eventually be her first sexual partner, but Robert had forgotten to close the blinds and was watched by Robert's entire apartment building. She was introduced to Robert by Debra, who is her best friend and former co-worker. They had an on again off again relationship throughout the first six seasons for multiple reasons. In season seven, they get engaged and married, despite the MacDougall family and the Barone family constantly fighting. Their marriage has many problems at first, mostly caused by their families frequent intrusiveness, fighting, and even having to move in with Frank and Marie. However, they remain happily married.

Relationship to other charactersEdit

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