Bill Parker is one of the parents the Barones know from their children's school. Bill is married to Carrie Parker and father to Tyler and Sally Parker. Raymond views Bill as a bit of a do-gooder, scoffs at his "blonde hair and the teeth", and is portrayed in some ways as Ray's nemesis. The two men refer to each other in person by their surnames only, indicating that Bill Parker does not hold Ray in high regard either.

Incidents such as the Parkers 'stealing' Ray and Debra's babysitter and an argument between Ray and Bill over some of their children's trading cards furthers this resentment. Bill is something of a handyman, putting these skills to use at the school, and appears to be quite organized, another trait which Ray finds annoying. Debra gets along much better with Bill Parker, despite the two of them running against each other for the role of 'president of the school governing board'.

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