Getting Even
Debra holding the jewelry box in "Getting Even"
Season 3
Episode 4
Air Date October 12, 1998
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Steve Zuckerman
Writer(s) Steve Skrovan
Preceded by The Sitter
Followed by The Visit

Getting Even is the fourth episode of Season 3, and is episode 51 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series. In this episode, Ray accidentally humiliates Debra in front of a large group of people, so he fears that she is out to get him.

Episode InformationEdit


Ray and Debra help auction off items at Ally's school. While making jokes about the jewelry box Debra made, Ray says something that totally humiliates Debra in front of everyone at the auction. So afterward, Ray fears that Debra will try to get him back by humiliating him somehow.

Running GagsEdit

This is one of the episode's in which Debra uses a big word that Ray doesn't understand. This time, she calls him a "farceur".

This is also an episode where Ray calls Debra by a funny nickname as he enters the scene. He actually does it twice in this episode: Doodles, and Puddlepants.


This is one of the first times the viewer gets to see Our Lady of Faith Elementary School.


  • Ray: "Yeah, everything my wife touches falls off, so you can guess how scared I am."

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