Hackidu is a fictional Korean trading card game series popular among children which is based on the TV show of the same name. The only known fans are Ally Barone, Michael Barone, Geoffrey Barone, Tyler Parker and (possibly) Marie Barone, the franchise has only been mentioned once in the season 4 episode "Hackidu" where it is shown that the Barone children are immense fans and even collect the trading cards and Raymond tries to prove he's a good father by getting into the Hackidu craze. Ally mentions that her favorite Hackidu trading card is the Scramisaur and was even willing to give up her whole deck of cards to Tyler for the Scramisaur while unaware of its value, Raymond, also unaware, stopped the trade fearing she was being ripped off and immediately regrets his decision after finding out of the Scramisaur's value and rarity. In the end Raymond successfully buys one from Russell MacDougall's comic book store to give to Ally only for the card to end up being damaged (though Ally doesn't seem to care).

Trading Card InfoEdit

The only cards mentioned in the episode are as listed

  • Vineprod
  • Rainmiffle
  • Heatjas
  • Slugglewag
  • Scramisaur
  • Sonic Crystal (a non-monster card)

Although there are several Hackidu cards the only one that is paid attention to is the rare and valuable Scramisaur, it was mentioned by Marie that the Scramisaur is the fastest creature on Hackidu mountain and it can only evolve from its prevolution Slugglewag with the sonic crystal which boosts it's speed, it was also mentioned that because of its power it is sought after by many fans and is very rare and valuable and one Scramisaur is worth 65$ in mint condition and she calls Ray an idiot for giving it away.

The only time the TV show is being watched is in the living room by Robert, Michael, Geoffrey and Ally in episode "Hackidu" with the children singing along to the dialogue.


  • The Hackidu franchise is a parody of the popular Pokémon trading card game, video game and TV series and some of the creature's names are likely a twist on actual Pokémon names. Also, Pokémon is a Japanese franchise, unlike Hackidu which is Korean.
  • Marie is implied to be a Hackidu fan in the Hackidu episode as she seems to have vast knowledge of the franchise.
    • or it is likely that because she talks to the kids a lot, she learned about the franchise from them, whichever is uncertain.
  • Because of Frank's history with the Koreans, he blames the problems brought on by the franchise on the North Koreans.

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