Halloween Candy
Screenshot halloweencandy
Frank dressed up as Frankenstein for Halloween in "Halloween Candy"
Season 3
Episode 6
Air Date October 26, 1998
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Steve Zuckerman
Writer(s) Steve Skrovan
Preceded by The Visit
Followed by Moving Out

Halloween Candy is the 6th episode of Season 3, and is episode 53 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series. In this episode, Frank accidentally gives out condoms instead of candy on Halloween.

Episode InformationEdit


When Ray tries to have sex with Debra, they have to stop because they realize they're out of all their condoms and birth control pills. Debra tells Ray it would be a lot easier if he had a vasectomy. Ray contemplated the idea after talking with the guys at Nemo's Pizza, then finally decided against it.

Planning to have sex after all the trick-or-treating on Halloween night, Ray buys a whole box of colorful condoms. But while they were out trick-or-treating with their kids, Frank, thinking it's a package of chocolate coins, accidentally gives out the condom packages to trick-or-treating kids.

Running GagsEdit

As in many episodes, Ray tries to have sex with Debra, but something inevitably prevents it.


Actor Peter Boyle dressed up as the Frankenstein monster in this episode could possibly be an homage to his portrayal as the Frankenstein monster in the 1974 film Young Frankenstein.

Everybody Loves Raymond being a family show, this is one of the episodes that is based directly on sex. And the characters use euphemisms and innuendos to talk about certain things pertaining to sex.


  • Trick-or-Treating kids: "Frankenstein sucks."
    • Frank: "Frankenstein no suck."
  • FRANK: "Doctor make bad bride. Frankenstein sue doctor."

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