Joseph V. Perry
Joseph V. Perry
Date of Birth February 13, 1931 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Date of Death February 23, 2000 in Burbank, California, U.S.
Character Nemo
First Appearance Season 1 Episode 5
"Look Don't Touch"
Number of episodes 7 episodes

Joseph V. Perry (February 13 1931 - 23 February 2000) was an American actor possibly best known for his role as Nemo in Everybody Loves Raymond, in which he made seven appearances on the series.



Perry began his acting career in his youth, winning the Glenn Ford Award at Santa Monica High School in California in 1949. His successes continued in 1952 when he was presented the best actor award at UCLA by Marlon Brando. Perry officially started his film career in 1955 at the age of 24 and spent the next 45 years appearing in literally hundreds of films and television shows from dramatic anthologies to westerns to medical dramas, police dramas to classic sitcoms. He got one of his first big roles when he appeared in The Twilight Zone. He was a dependable if not outstanding character actor and he appeared on many varied but popular shows such as Rawhide, Dr. Kildare, Bewitched, M*A*S*H, I Dream of Jeannie and The Partridge Family. In the 1970s his visibility peaked with guest appearances on shows of the day like Mannix, Emergency and The Streets of San Francisco and Kojak. However, he failed to land any mainstream acting roles until 1978, when he got several roles in shows such as The Incredible Hulk, MacGyver, Cheers, Murder, She Wrote and Seinfeld. It was on Everybody Loves Raymond that he got his biggest break, when he auditioned and got the role of Nemo, a pizza restaurant owner. He started playing the role in 1998 and it lasted until his death in early 2000.


In February 2000, Perry, who had been suffering with diabetes, got worse and he died due to the illness a week or so after his 69th birthday. His character's last appearance in Everybody Loves Raymond was shown posthumously when his restaurant got bought out. Nemo's last two appearances were played by Robert Ruth. He was one of those actors who may not have been a household name, but his face was seen quite often due to his episodic television appearances.

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