Marie's sculpture

The fifth episode in Series Six of Everybody loves Raymond.

Marie Barone attempts to burn off her surplus energies by attending an art class. She busies herself in learning about sculpture and everybody is happy, apart from Frank , who has to make his own meals and snacks.

Then one day she brings home the completed sculpture which she is extremely proud of. She decrees such a precious thing can only be gifted to the son she loves, and has Robert truck it across Fowler Avenue to Ray and Debra 's. When it is undraped, it is perceived, at first, to be a large, imposing and not altogether unpleasant piece of abstract art. Marie insists it should have pride of place in her son's home. But Raymond is the first to realize its graceful sweeping curves and folds are not that abstract after all. And then everybody realizes. Except Marie.

Trivia:- Edit

for some reason this episode, as well as the second episode in Season Six, No Roll! ,  have never been screened in the UK. Channel Four repeat every episode of ELR on a repeating cycle and are usually very careful about keeping everything, from pilot to finale, in the correct episode and series order. But when it comes to Series Six, they leap, without explanation, from episode four, Ray's Ring, to episode six, Frank Comes Downstairs. This is strange, as British TV is usually a lot more liberal and relaxed about sexual content than American network TV; A show that screened in prime-time in the USA without censorship is usually fine. Apart from two episodes of Season Six...

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