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Screenshot mozart

Ray and Marie sitting at the piano in the episode "Mozart"

In Season 2, Episode 4 "Mozart", Ray is having a piano lesson from Marie.

Marie's basics about posture are:

  • "Leaning in - sitting up's for the dinner table."
  • "Relaxed elbows and in - we're not flying away."

And about remembering which notes are which:

  • "F-A-C-E - face, are the notes in the spaces."
  • "E-G-B-D-F are the notes with the line running through it."
    • "Every Girl Bakes Delicious Fudge"

But Ray had his own way of remembering the notes:

  • "Ellen Garvey's Behind Deserves Framing"
  • "Eric Gunsel Boinked--" (Marie interrupted him before the viewer could hear the rest.)

Marie also had all the different colored books from Beginner to Advanced. She also had a lot of songs to play. Some of which were "Pretty Polly", "Eskimo Boy", and "Theme from Love Story".

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