Move Over
Ray trying to get some sleep in "Move Over"
Season 3
Episode 20
Air Date March 15, 1999
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Will Mackenzie
Writer(s) Kathy Ann Stumpe
Preceded by Big Shots
Followed by The Getaway

Move Over is the 20th episode of Season 3, and is episode 67 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series. In this episode, Ray doesn't like when Debra touches him while they are sleeping, so she urges him to seek help.

Episode InformationEdit


While asleep, Debra has a tendency to cuddle up next to Ray, but Ray can't stand the constant touching. After becoming angry because her husband doesn't want her to touch him, she tells Ray he needs help.

So Ray pays a visit to Father Hubley. He suggests to Ray that Debra may not be getting enough affection during the day so she subconsciously does it in her sleep.

Ray goes back home and hugs and touches Debra all day long, but, unfortunately for him, Debra still touches him while she sleeps. In an attempt to fool Debra, Ray tries to get her to grasp a kids bop bag.

Running GagsEdit

A few times during the series, the naked channel is mentioned. This is one of those episodes. After finding out Ray slept on the couch, Debra sarcastically asks him if he found out how to unscramble the naked channel.

Ray walks into the dining room two different times this episode and calls Debra by funny nicknames: Jambalaya and Cranapple.


Ray mentions his grandmother "Nonny Barone".

A lot of popular music is heard throughout the series. Part of the way through this episode, Ray says to Debra "Hold me closer, tiny dancer," which is a lyric from Elton John's song "Tiny Dancer".


  • Ray: "The only time a guy likes cuddling is if he thinks it's gonna lead to -- to lower cuddling."