Full Name Peggy
Actor/Actress Amy Aquino
First Appearance "Cookies"
Number of episodes 4
Relatives Daughter - Molly

Peggy is a recurring character played by Amy Aquino. She is the mother of Molly, and is the leader of Ally's Pioneer Girls troop. Ray has proclaimed her his nemesis after they got into an argument in the episode Cookies, where the two got into a fight over where they are allowed to sell their cookies. It resulted in her "beating him up", which is brought up several times later throughout the series. In Sleepover at Peggy's, it is revealed that she left her husband after years of him patronizing her and never paying attention to her. In the episode A Date for Peter, she and Peter MacDougall hit it off, having many similar geeky interests. She is shown having spent the night with him, but it is unclear whether they continued their relationship.