Here is a list of memorable quotes from Frank.

Season 1Edit

"Holy crap!"
Frank [src]
"Stupid stinkin' hump!"
Frank [src]
"Can Hitler have a juice box?"
Frank referring to Geoffrey's fake mustache [src]
Frank [src]
"I've got the complete works of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Except the one where he gets pregnant."
Frank [src]
Lois: "We're going to Vietnam."
Frank: "Vietnam?! What, do you owe Charlie some payback?"
Lois and Frank [src]
Marie: "If you don't give Ray his money, you're not the man I married."
Frank: "I win again."
Marie and Frank discussing his poker winnings [src]
Robert: "I bet you can't even name the reindeer."
Frank: "Oh, uh, Rudolph, Donner, Blitzen... Those are the main ones."
Robert and Frank [src]
Marie: "We haven't had a conversation in 35 years."
Frank: "I didn't want to interrupt."
Marie and Frank [src]
"I don't like games. Follow the rules, pay attention, wait your turn... It's just like work dressed up like play."
Frank [src]

Season 2Edit

"I could've eaten a box of Alpha-Bits and crapped a better interview."
Frank [src]
Ally: "Can we name them?"
Frank: "Yeah. Let's call these two Lee and Stan, and that big one with its mouth open we'll call Marie."
Ally and Frank naming the fish in the tank [src]
Gianni: "Mrs. Barone, I don't know what's in this dip, but if you weren't married..."
Frank: "Take her. I'll throw in the dip."
Gianni and Frank [src]
"What in hell's bathroom was that?"
Frank [src]
Frank: "My feet are killing me. I think these boots are a size too small. Tell me, what's it say on the bottom of my right boot?"
Ray: "Left."
Frank and Ray [src]
"Toast, Marie"
Frank [src]
Debra: "So it was just the once and then you got married?"
Frank: "It was just the once and then we HAD to get married."
Debra and Frank talking about premarital sex [src]
"It's like having Venus de Milo in right field."
Frank describing a kids T-ball game [src]
Robert: "Don't you have an outstanding moving violation, Dad?"
Frank: "I wouldn't say outstanding. It was pretty good, though."
Robert and Frank [src]
Ray: "It was nothing. I ran over one of those orange cones, that's all."
Frank: "Tell her why."
Ray: "I don't remember, Dad."
Frank: "I remember. I was there. It had something to do with a halter top."
Ray and Frank telling Debra about a traffic ticket [src]