Here is a list of memorable quotes from Robert.

Season 1Edit

Marie: "That's an award your brother got for his sports column."
Robert: "Never ends for Raymond. Everybody loves Raymond. I go to work, people shoot at me. Ray goes to work, people do the wave."
Marie and Robert [src]
Warren: "How's police work treating you?"
Robert: "Well, ya know, one day you're rescuing a puppy and the next day you're fishing a skull out of a toilet."
Warren and Robert [src]
Robert: "I bet you can't even name the reindeer."
Frank: "Oh, uh, Rudolph, Donner, Blitzen... Those are the main ones."
Robert and Frank [src]
"Most of the women I talk to are in handcuffs. And then half of them turn out to be men."
Robert [src]
"Is this about me?"
Robert [src]
"Yeah, it's all about you, Raymond."
Robert [src]

Season 2Edit

"You know what I did to Mom today? I got into the Sucrets drawer... I put more in."
Robert [src]
"Come on, Shamsky. Let's go scratch."
Robert [src]
"Here's the ointment I borrowed. I don't know what happened to the applicator."
Robert [src]
Robert: "Ya know, I could've been a pretty good hockey player. You know, big, had the toughness, good hand-eye coordination."
Ray: "Yeah but, eventually, you would've had to let go of the side."
Robert and Ray [src]
Robert: "I'll call you if there are any fights."
Ray: "I may be calling you."
Robert and Ray watching hockey before an inevitable argument with Debra [src]
Robert: "You gave me liquor?"
Marie: "Not liquor, dear. Liqueur."
Robert and Marie talking about Robert's childhood [src]
Robert: "Don't you have an outstanding moving violation, Dad?"
Frank: "I wouldn't say outstanding. It was pretty good, though."
Robert and Frank [src]
"The binder's not just a guide, Debra. The binder is...binding."
Robert talking about teaching traffic school [src]

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