Ray's first column was seen in the flashback scene in the Season 2 episode "The Wedding: Part 1". It happened just after Ray was promoted to sports columnist at Newsday, and he wrote it for Debra to read first. Ray proposed to her in the column. Frank ended up reading it aloud.

Here is a portion of what Ray wrote:

"As a boy, sports was the only way I could connect with my father. The first game he took me to was at Yankee Stadium when I was eight. Bobby Murcer homered in the ninth to win it. I thought nothing could be more thrilling. Then on the ride home, my father talked to me. He listened. He shared his passion for sports with me. I love sports for many reasons now, but I have to say that what drew me to the games as a young boy, was the ride home. I'm hoping sports will bring me closer to someone else in my life. The person who will be sitting next to me reading this. Debra, will you marry me?"

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