Stefania Fogagnolo
Stefania and Robert ELR
Full Name Stefania Fogagnolo
Actor/Actress Alex Menses
First Appearance "Italy: Part 1"
Number of episodes 6 episodes, 2000-2005
Relatives Ex-romantic flame of Robert Barone

Father - Marco Fogagnolo

Stefania Fogagnolo was Robert's hot and jilted Italian ex-girlfriend he met while vacationing with the Barone clan in Italy. He had a fling with her in Italy while he was still with Amy, which later causes breakups with both girlfriends. The part of Stefania was played by actress Alex Meneses, who appears in six episodes of the show. Stefania's father, Marco Fogagnolo, later purchases Nemo's Pizza from Nemo and rechristens it "Marco's Pizza", after he moves his family, including Stefania, to America and near the Barones.

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