Thecar flashback

Ray and Robert in the flashback scene in "The Car"

In the flashback scene for Season 1, Episode 15 "The Car", Ray was flashing back to the time he had sex with his girlfriend Lisa in his father's old car, the 1972 Plymouth Valiant, which he had nicknamed "Lucky".

It was the 1970s, so Ray had longer hair and Robert had an afro.

He was playing disco music on the radio, but Lisa hated disco, so he turned it off. She was reluctant to kiss him at first, but eventually gave in...after Ray had some gum. When the kissing started, Robert ran up to the car and said they had to go. After Robert left, Ray told Lisa he didn't have a whole lot of time, so he had to rush it a little.

Lisa plain

Lisa in the flashback scene in "The Car"

Ray's flashback was soon interrupted when Debra came into the room.

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