The Family Bed
Screenshot thefamilybed
Ray, Debra and Ally in "The Family Bed"
Season 2
Episode 18
Air Date March 2, 1998
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Steve Zuckerman
Writer(s) Steve Skrovan
Preceded by The Ride-Along
Followed by Good Girls

The Family Bed is the 18th episode of Season 2, and is episode 40 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series. In this episode, Ally ends up sleeping in Ray and Debra's bed every night, and they have trouble breaking her of that habit.

Episode InformationEdit


Ally has been sleeping in Ray and Debra's bed a lot recently, and Ray is tired of it because he can't get a good night's sleep. The whole family has their own opinions on the issue.

Ally complains that there are monsters in her room. Debra was sleeping in the room with her, but Ray didn't want her to do that. So, Ray gets his mother to spend the night in Ally's room with her...without Debra knowing about it.

Running GagsEdit

Marie makes a crack about Debra's cooking, as she always does.


Frank mentions the lodge for the second time in the series, but it has not yet been seen as of this episode.


  • Robert: "You gave me liquor?"
  • Marie: "Not liquor, dear. Liqueur."