Win, Lose or Draw
Screenshot winloseordraw
Ray, Frank, Stan, Garvin, and Eddie playing poker at Nemo's in "Win, Lose or Draw"
Season 1
Episode 9
Air Date November 8, 1996
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Alan Kirschenbaum
Writer(s) Kathy Ann Stumpe
Preceded by In-Laws
Followed by Turkey or Fish

Win, Lose or Draw is the 9th episode of Season 1, and is episode 9 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series. In this episode, Ray loses over $2000 to Frank in a poker game. Both Debra and Marie want Frank to give the money back, but he and Ray refuse to undue the outcome of the game.

Episode InformationEdit


Frank has one more spot to fill in a poker game at Nemo's Pizza and asks Ray if he wants to join. Reluctantly, Ray agrees to it.

During the game, Ray eventually wins a ton of money, but makes a horrible mistake and ends up losing it all to his father, Frank.

Debra then becomes upset and demands that Ray ask his father to give him the money back. Of course, Ray refuses. Marie tries to force Frank to give the money back, and even Robert steps in to solve the problem.

After a long discussion, Frank realizes that a son should be able to come to his father to make everything right. So he then gives Ray back his make things right for his son.

Running GagsEdit

This is the first episode with the character of Garvin. And it's also the first time he raises his arms to cheer and says his famous line "Hey, Ray's here! Hahaaa!" Except, in this first appearance, Garvin doesn't say the word "here", only "Hey, Ray!"

It's also the first episode the viewer hears about Ray's cocoa puff incident as a child.


Even though the character of Stan was mentioned in an earlier episode, this marks Stan's first actual appearance.

Similar to a few of the early episodes, there was a slight mistake with the staging and positioning of the cameras in the studio. Microphones and mirrors can be seen in certain places.


  • RAY: The fast food employees--last week, when I was in Montreal, the employees there are bilingual. Over here, they're not even lingual.

  • FRANK: You talkin' to me yet?
  • MARIE: (Sips tea) Nope.
  • FRANK: I just keep winning!