Working Late Again
Workinglateagain screenshot
Ray playing paper football in "Working Late Again"
Season 2
Episode 7
Air Date November 3, 1997
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Will Mackenzie
Writer(s) Ellen Sandler
Preceded by Anniversary
Followed by The Children's Book

Working Late Again is the 7th episode of Season 2, and is episode 29 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series. In this episode, Debra finds out that Ray is spending extra time at work with his buddies rather than coming home to his family.

Episode InformationEdit


The episode opens with Debra getting a phone call from Ray saying he'll be late for dinner because he's still at work. Marie explains that it's more fun for Ray to hang out with his buddies than to be home with a messy house and taking care of the kids.

So, Debra puts some food in a cooler and takes Ray's dinner to his office. She finds him playing paper football and joking with the guys. Then Andy mentions something about working from home. Debra is happy with that idea.

Soon after, Ray has a satellite dish installed so he can get all the games, and also gets a new printer and fax machine. While Debra is out running errands, Ray is watching TV and playing with the kids when he is supposed to be working. He, Robert and Frank are all seen watching hockey as well as cop shows on a Korean station. Debra gets home to find the house a big mess.

She can't take it any longer and wants Ray to start going to work again.

Running GagsEdit

This is one of the episodes in which Debra cooks her famous lemon chicken. The lemon chicken shows up throughout the series as one of Debra's worst meals.

Also, Marie says her famous line "I don't like that, Raymond." in response to something Ray said that was disgusting or this case, he was talking about Dave's butt.


In the earlier episode "Ray's on TV", Ray's office is seen at Shea Stadium. But in this episode, that same office is slightly redecorated and it's at Nassau Coliseum.

The satellite dish that Ray has installed is mentioned many times throughout the series.


  • Ray: "This is from Dave. Apparently he's faxed me his buttocks."